Dr. Maged R. Botros
Effective leadership for Supervisors

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In this course, you will learn about how to effectively lead as a supervisor. You will learn how to inspire others to achieve a collective goal and lead them through a collaborative endeavor. You will learn to identify the innate and acquired abilities and skills of leaders and how to refine them. We will learn about the influence of leadership toward individual attitudes and behaviors, different kinds of power for changing and influencing attitude and behavior, the evolution of leadership over time, leadership style types, and approaches to leadership. This course will give you the tools to become a better leader.

Referent Power Legitimate Power Coercive Power Expertise Power Reward Power How to Inspire Others How to Lead Others through a Collaborative Endeavor The Evolution of Leadership Traditional Leadership Contemporary Leadership Transactional Leadership Transformational Leadership Democratic Leadership Style Bureaucratic Leadership Style Autocratic Leadership Style When to Apply Different Leadership Styles


Session I: Leaders’ Influence

In this lesson, we will discuss your influence as a leader on both the individual attitudes and behaviors of your team and the different types of power (referent, expertise, legitimate, reward, and coercive).

Session II: The Evolution of Leadership

In this lesson, you will learn about the evolution of leadership and how it has evolved from traditional leadership to contemporary leadership. You will learn about which traits and features differentiate traditional and contemporary leadership. You will learn about how the role of the supervisor has changed over time.

Session III: Leadership Style Types

In this session, you will learn about autocratic, bureaucratic, diplomatic, democratic, and laissez faire leadership styles and how to compare them. You will develop a matrix to examine the different features of each leadership style.

Session IV: Contingency Approach in Leadership

In this session, you will learn when to apply or not apply each leadership style. You will learn how to discern which style is appropriate for each circumstance.

Session V: Approaches to Leadership

In this session, you will learn about two different approaches to leadership: transactional and transformational leadership. You will learn the benefits of each approach.