Brian Mac Mahon
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This course will provide a quick but detailed introduction to everything you need to get your business off the ground. You will learn how to get investors, how to utilize Expert Dojo resources to become a better entrepreneur, how to hack your growth, and more.
How to find Investors Investment for Startups Growth Hacking for Startups Guide to Venture Capitalists for Startups Guide to Government Funding for Startups How to Find the Right Investor How to Streamline Your Company’s Growth


Getting Investments for Your Startup

This lesson will provide an overview of getting investments for your startup and provide details on options like bank funding, government grants, venture capitalists, and important things to consider when offering equity.

How to Utilize the Resources of Expert Dojo

This lesson will provide an overview of utilizing Expert Dojo resources that will help you become a better entrepreneur including regular expert interviews, specialized workshops and events, a hands-on online community, and much more.

What is Growth Hacking

This lesson will provide an overview of growth hacking including the greatest methods, tips, and tricks to help streamline the growth of a company, moving

Why Getting the Right Investor Matters

This lesson will provide details on why getting the right investor for a specific business matters with intriguing statistics and useful information that may change the way an entrepreneur thinks about investors and gaining capital.