Brian Mac Mahon
Expert Dojo • Milestones Course

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This course will teach you how to determine achievable milestones for your startup and offer detailed advice on how to build a foundation for your company that will allow you to structure your operations, team, and branding in a way that makes achieving those milestones simple. By the end of this course, you will have everything you need to find measurable success.
Milestones Startup Milestones Structuring a Startup Milestone Maps Building a Foundation for Your Startup KPIs How to Build Your Brand Corporate Structure Determining Product Fit


Lesson 1 • Welcome

Welcome to the Expert Dojo Mindset course, in this lesson we'll give you a quick overview of what you can expect in future lessons.

Lesson 2 • Milestones

In this lesson you will learn how to create actionable milestones using a milestone map that you will create in consideration to various factors involved in your company so you have a focal point to work towards.

Lesson 3 • Milestones: Case Study

In this lesson, you'll see actionable milestones in action with a milestone case study that will show you how the previous lesson's concepts apply in a real-life scenario.

Lesson 4 • Market Fit

In this lesson you will begin to learn about building a foundation for your business based on your milestones by determining and understanding your market fit through answering the 5

Lesson 5 • Elevator Pitch

In this lesson you'll learn how to explain the core of your business quickly and answer WSGAT -- What's So Great About That? when your time with someone is limited.

Lesson 6 • Elevator Pitch: Case Study

In this lesson, you'll see WSGAT – What’s So Great About That? put into practice in a 14-second elevator pitch with one of Expert Dojo's own clients.

Lesson 7 • Breaking Down Milestones

In this lesson you'll learn how to break down each milestone month into days and weeks to keep track of what's going into your goals so you can manage your success on a micro level.

Lesson 8 • Determining Product Fit

In this lesson, we will wrap up our lessons on product fit and you will learn how to build a profile for your customers and learn who they are, what they want, and how your product can realistically serve them.

Lesson 9 • Corporate Structure

In this lesson you'll learn about corporate structure and how to build a strong foundation for your company which includes building a protective legal structure and more.

Lesson 10 • Structuring Operations

In this lesson you'll continue to learn about corporate structure and how to structure your operations so that you begin to understand the specific operations required within your business and how to optimize them.

Lesson 11 • Building A Financial Model

In this lesson you'll continue to learn about corporate structure and, specifically, how to structure a financial model for your startup including valuable advice and useful methodology for considering the financial structure of your company.

Lesson 12 • Income Statements And Cash Flow

In this lesson you'll continue to learn about corporate structure and, specifically, you'll learn more about supporting strategies surrounding income statements and cash flow.

Lesson 13 • Key Performance Indicators

In this lesson you'll learn about KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and how to use them to measure your progress through your milestones to better understand your success.

Lesson 14 • Challenge: Send Us Your Info

In this lesson you'll be challenged to send us the Articles of Organization and other Corporate Information for your company so we can analyze how you've put what you've learned into practice in your structures.

Lesson 15 • Branding

In this lesson you'll learn more about your company's branding and start to think more critically about how you want to present your company's image to your potential clients.

Lesson 16 • Building A Creative Strategy

In this lesson you'll continue to learn about branding, what having a brand means, how you craft your business' brand with a creative strategy, and why your brand is the way it is.

Lesson 17 • Challenge: Evaluating Your Team

In this lesson you'll tell us how you're moving at the speed of trust by evaluating who's on your team and whether they help fill the skill gaps you need to be filled to find success.