Dr. Burnetta (Bee) Thomas
How to Launch A Successful CBD Brand

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Dr. Burnetta Thomas is one of the founders of SageLogica Consulting with over 3 years of experience in the Cannabis industry.She has been instrumental in launching two of San Diego's highest-rated and profitable dispensaries and is also the former CEO of Hemplogica, a CBD company.

8 week course How To Launch a Successful CBD Brand Reach 9 million people per week FDA compliance High-converting sales funnel Investor attractive brand Sales Tips Access a network of vetted professionals Drive traffic to your website
  Everything you need to know to launch your Own CBD Product line from A-to-Z
  • Exactly how a couple launched a CBD brand and got three offers for buyout from public companies within 6 months of launching
  • How to implement a little-known branding technique that will make your CBD brand stand out from the crowd and get you more sales
  • The exact steps we used to reach 9 million people per week on our Facebook Page and make thousands per week in sales using messenger bots
  • Ways to stay compliant with your labels and website so the FDA doesn’t come knocking at your door
  • How to leverage human psychology to build a high-converting sales funnel...no matter what tool or software you use
  • You will know and understand how to create a brand that is attractive to investors and possibly get offers to buy your company
  • Tips on exactly how to get sales and set up new accounts using a predictable and scalable process
  • How to access a network of vetted professionals that will help take your CBD brand to the next level
  • The best ways to drive traffic to your website and convert into sales

Dr. Burnetta Thomas is an Air Force Veteran, former Federal Police Officer and College Professor, and, recently-crowned Queen of the Cannabis Industry. Born & raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dr. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services, a Master’s Degree in Management & Organizational Leadership and a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration. Dr. Thomas is renowned for her published study of Success Factors of African American Female Entrepreneurs, and her work as a Cannabis Entrepreneur.

Matt Sibert is a seasoned cannabis consultant who launched 5 cannabis dispensaries, multiple CBD brands and stores in the last 6 years. Matt is an expert in Cannabis Product Development, Cannabis Marketing, Branding, Funding, CBD Store and Dispensary Start-Ups. 12+ years of experience and a wealth of invaluable insider secrets to share.

Matt and his wife Dr. Thomas inked deal to supply 88,000 gas stations nationwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.


What is your refund policy?

If you join How To Launch A Successful CBD Brand and and other Sagelogica courses, watch all lessons, participate in the Q&A calls, complete & document the action steps, then you will launch your CBD Brand in 90 days or your money back. This is the guarantee that's on the sales page, order form, and confirmation page.


What are the requirements to receive a refund?

You'll get your money back ONLY if you do all the work, show time/date stamped proof you did the work, ask for help on the Q&As and or help on the FB questions thread so we can guide you and troubleshoot your brand. If you meet these guidelines and don't launch your CBD brand within 90 days your refund request will be honored if requested within 30 days.



Introduction and Course Framework

Here we discuss what you can expect from this 8 Week course. In this section we outline the course description, format, the outcomes you can expect from completing the course, and how to get the most from this program as an active participant.Here’s what we cover:Course IntroductionCours..

Mindset: Attitude is everything

Mindset: What is PMA?Mindset: 6 things positive thinking can doMindset: 6 Ways to be more positiveMindset: 17 Principles of Success..

Mindset: Know Thyself First

The business world can be a lonely cruel world. It is not always glitter and gold. Especially within the CBD/Hemp space. Added to that as an entrepreneur, you will often miss out on family functions, good times with your friends, and celebrations of all sorts. You might suffer a bad deal o..

Mindset: Create a solid routine

Here we discuss what it means to have a solid routine and how you go about creating one. We’re going to discuss the power of establishing routines to help you become an organized, focused, and professional entrepreneur. And we’re going to discuss a few case studies of successful entre..

Mindset: Manifestation toolkit

We discuss what an affirmation is and how use affirmations to grow your business. There is a saying that goes, “If you think you can, or can’t, either way you are right.” The mind is a powerful tool that can be trained through meaningful affirmations and meditations. We also review m..

Mindset: Work life balance

When I was a college professor, I would advise students to incorporate a healthy ritual within their college routine. I advised this to help break up the monotony of constantly working on homework. It’s easy to get lost as an entrepreneur. In the CBD/Hemp industry, we are constantly work..


Why statement exercise5-year life goal & vision assessmentSage SWOT analysisVision Board CreationPurpose, Way & Impact Exercise..

Education: Rich Hemp History

The history of the CBD/Hemp industry is also discussed in this video to give you an understanding of the hemp advocates that came before us, who had a vision for hemp and believed it to be beneficial for themselves, society, and this planet.Hemp Industry timelineThe Emperor of hemp5000 his..

Education: Hemp Industry Knowledge

All good business owners know their market and product. In this video we discuss the basics of CBD and hemp, including what it is and what it can be used for. This will help you brainstorm different CBD/Hemp products you may want to create for your brand.Here's what we cover:What is CBD?Is..

Education: CBD Opportunities

We discuss the trends that we see developing within the CBD/Hemp industry and how you can take advantage of the opportunity for growth.Here's What we discuss:Selling BulkVertically integratedInternational distributionWhite labelCommunity OutreachOther CannabinoidsIRONWOOD FEE AGREEMENT 201..

Education: Regulatory Compliance



Week 2 Action Items (7)Watch The Emperor DocumentaryComplete the hemp history quizTarget Audience ExerciseCraft the Opportunity 5 QuestionsCreate an outreach plan – how will you build your tribe?Decide on where to focus as far as opportunitiesCreate a compliance plan..

Business: Branding

Here’s what we cover:What is a brandWhat is an archetype12 Brand ArchetypesRebel vs. Magician brandHow to develop Brand personality..

Business: Target audience

Here's what we will discuss:What is a Target audienceThe 3 main ways5 Reasons to targetTarget audience sample..

Business: CBD Business Setup

Here's what we cover:Partner or Solo pros and consEstablish your domainEstablishing a business/domain name 12 tipsEstablish your logoEstablish your logo 12 tipsSetting up corporation 7 StepsInsurance and permitsBanking and Processors10 Tips to Protect..

Business: Organizational Culture

Here's what we cover:What is Organizational culture OC5 Reasons OC is importantHow to hire for OC..

Business: Human Resources

Here's what we cover:3 HR TipsHuman ResourcesProfessional OutsourcingIndependent Contractor..


Week 3 action items (5)Complete Brand Archetype QuizOrganizational culture exerciseDetermine your business name exerciseOutsourcing brainstormBusiness Checklist..

Manufacturing: Sourcing your product

Here's what we cover:Manufacturer: How to vetManufacturer: 25 Questions to askManufacturer: 8 Red flagsManufacturer: 7 Tips to negotiate best priceManufacturing: Timeline Sample..

Manufacturing: Fulfilment

Here's what we cover:Manufacturer: Ecommerce FulfilmentManufacturer: Fulfilment 3 kindsManufacturer: Outsourcing ProsManufacturer: Outsourcing ConsManufacturer: When to consider each..