Dr. Maged R. Botros
Planning & Formulating Business Plan

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In this course, you will learn how to plan and formulate a business plan that will set your company up for success. You will learn the definition of planning and different aims, objectives, levels, and types of planning to apply to your organization. You will learn how to carry out a SWOT analysis and ultimately, create a business plan for your company.

Mega Planning Strategic Planning Corporate Planning Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Planning Operational Planning Organizational Objectives Organizational Goals Organizational Targets Smart Objectives Types of Plans Interactions between Aims and Plans SWOT Analysis Internal Factors External Factors The Planning Process Planning Checklist The Market, Future, Finances, HR, & Operations Operational Plan


Session 1: The Nature of Planning

In this lesson, you will learn the definition of planning and different levels of planning, aims, smart objectives, and types of plans, as well as the interaction between aims and plans. You will then select a department from your organization and set the aims and types of plans to fulfill the aims.

Session 2: SWOT Analysis

In session 2, you will learn about the importance of the SWOT analysis and what it entails. You will learn how to identify internal and external factors that may affect your business, as well as your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You will then create a SWOT analysis for 3 divisions in your organization.

Session 3: The Planning Process

In session 3, you will learn how to study the planning environment. You will acquire a planning checklist and learn about the nature of plans, contingency plans, and creating a team performance plan. You will learn how to select the most appropriate alternative and then evaluate and follow up.

Session 4: Formulation of a Business Plan

In this session, you will be equipped with a template and prompts to create your own business plan, as well as to identify your market and marketing strategy, create a vision statement, outline goals/objectives, describe your financial situation/needs/plans, describe your human resources plans and strategies, and outline the specifics of your operations.