Michael Panesis
Startups and Entrepreneurship

Course Details

In this course, students will learn how to use maps, models, and experiments, and inspire customer engagement, tell your story, compete in the Cal Luther New Venture Fair, and apply to large corporations and institutions. We will also cover how to transition to your own method with an emphasis on structure and experiential learning. Much of the course is team-based. Success is based on your understanding of the concepts and creative application of them. Success has NOTHING to do with the viability of your startup.
Models Maps A Path From Where You Are Now to Your Reality Storytelling The Route from Idea to MVP The Definition of Entrepreneurship Experiments Customer Engagement Startup Architecture Spiral, Iterative Processes The 21st Century Startup Innovator’s Dilemma The Origins of Entrepreneurship Agile Methods to Keep Your Startup on Track How to Get Real Problems with Waterfall Processes How Startups Start Schumpeter’s Creative Destruction