Michael Conniff
Storytelling for Startups

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In this course, you will learn about the secret ingredient to the greatest startup success stories: Passion. We'll delve into finding the driving force for your startup with real-life examples to get you thinking about your and your company's purpose. You'll then learn how to build a story for your startup based on your passion to help you appeal to potential investors and clients. Stories sell, and here you'll learn how to create your own.
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Storytelling for Startups L1

This is an introductory lesson on storytelling for startups which will teach you how to build a narrative for your business to help you capture the attention of your customer base and maintaining momentum to achieve your goals.

Storytelling for Startups L2

This is the second and final lesson on storytelling for startups that will offer you some helpful exercises and strategies to help you build a narrative for your business.