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Zero To Hero Generative AI - Become A Master

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  1. Lecture 1 : How To Install Python, Setup Virtual Environment VENV, Set Default Python System Path & Install Git
  2. Lecture 2 : Essential AI Tools and Libraries: A Guide to Python, Git, C++ Compile Tools, FFmpeg, CUDA, PyTorch
  3. Lecture 3 : Zero to Hero ControlNet Tutorial: Stable Diffusion Web UI Extension | Complete Feature Guide
  4. Lecture 4 : How To Find Best Stable Diffusion Generated Images By Using DeepFace AI - DreamBooth / LoRA Training
  5. Lecture 5 : Generate Studio Quality Realistic Photos By Kohya LoRA Stable Diffusion Training - Full Tutorial
  6. Lecture 6 : The END of Photography - Use AI to Make Your Own Studio Photos, FREE Via DreamBooth Training
  7. Lecture 7 : How To Use Stable Diffusion X-Large (SDXL) On Google Colab For Free
  8. Lecture 8 : Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) Locally On Your PC - 8GB VRAM - Easy Tutorial With Automatic Installer
  9. Lecture 9 : Ultimate RunPod Tutorial For Stable Diffusion - Automatic1111 - Data Transfers, Extensions, CivitAI
  10. Lecture 10 : How To Use SDXL On RunPod Tutorial. Auto Installer & Refiner & Amazing Native Diffusers Based Gradio
  11. Lecture 11 : ComfyUI Tutorial - How to Install ComfyUI on Windows, RunPod & Google Colab | Stable Diffusion SDXL
  12. Lecture 12 : First Ever SDXL Training With Kohya LoRA - Stable Diffusion XL Training Will Replace Older Models
  13. Lecture 13 : How To Use SDXL in Automatic1111 Web UI - SD Web UI vs ComfyUI - Easy Local Install Tutorial / Guide
  14. Lecture 14 : Mind-Blowing Deepfake Tutorial: Turn Anyone into Your Favorite Movie Star! PC & Google Colab - roop
  15. Lecture 15 : How to use Stable Diffusion X-Large (SDXL) with Automatic1111 Web UI on RunPod - Easy Tutorial
  16. Lecture 16 : Become A Master Of SDXL Training With Kohya SS LoRAs - Combine Power Of Automatic1111 & SDXL LoRAs
  17. Lecture 17 : How To Do SDXL LoRA Training On RunPod With Kohya SS GUI Trainer & Use LoRAs With Automatic1111 UI
  18. Lecture 18 : How to Do SDXL Training For FREE with Kohya LoRA - Kaggle - NO GPU Required - Pwns Google Colab
  19. Lecture 19 : How Use Stable Diffusion, SDXL, ControlNet, LoRAs For FREE Without A GPU On Kaggle Like Google Colab
  20. Lecture 20 : Turn Videos Into Animation With Just 1 Click - ReRender A Video Tutorial
  21. Lecture 21 : Turn Videos Into Animation / 3D Just 1 Click - ReRender A Video Tutorial - Installer For RunPod
  22. Lecture 22 : Double Your Stable Diffusion Inference Speed with RTX Acceleration TensorRT: A Comprehensive Guide
  23. Lecture 23 : How to Install & Run TensorRT on RunPod, Unix, Linux for 2x Faster Stable Diffusion Inference Speed
  24. Lecture 24 : SOTA Image PreProcessing Scripts For Stable Diffusion Training - Auto Subject Crop & Face Focus
  25. Lecture 25 : Fooocus Stable Diffusion Web UI - Use SDXL Like You Are Using Midjourney - Easy To Use High Quality
  26. Lecture 26 : How To Do Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) DreamBooth Training For Free - Utilizing Kaggle - Easy Tutorial
  27. Lecture 27 : Essential AI Tools and Libraries: A Guide to Python, Git, C++ Compile Tools, FFmpeg, CUDA, PyTorch
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Lecture 17 : How To Do SDXL LoRA Training On RunPod With Kohya SS GUI Trainer & Use LoRAs With Automatic1111 UI


If you don’t have a GPU, or have a strong GPU, or you are using Mac and your computer not supporting Stable Diffusion training, SDXL training, then this is the tutorial you are looking for. In this tutorial, we will use a cheap cloud GPU service provider RunPod to use both Stable Diffusion Web UI Automatic1111 and Stable Diffusion trainer Kohya SS GUI to train SDXL LoRAs. By watching this tutorial, you will be able to training and generate images as easy as your own computer by using RunPod cloud service.

1 click Auto Kohya Installer ⤵️

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Hopefully I will do more research about SDXL training. Will investigate training only unet without text encoder. Moreover, I will investigate and make a workflow about celebrity name based training hopefully. Furthermore, SDXL full DreamBooth training is also on my research and workflow preparation list. Stay subscribed for all.

0:00 Introduction to easy tutorial of using RunPod to do SDXL training
1:55 How to start your RunPod machine for Stable Diffusion XL usage and training
3:18 How to install Kohya on RunPod with a single click installer
4:22 Important things about using SDXL on RunPod
5:38 Step by step installation of Kohya SS GUI trainer on RunPod
7:08 How to terminate automatically started Automatic1111 Instance to free up VRAM
7:26 How to change file to prevent infinite auto relaunch of Automatic1111 Web UI
8:00 Where do you need to download and put Stable Diffusion model and VAE files on RunPod
8:58 How to download Stable Diffusion models into RunPod
9:25 How to terminate previously started Automatic1111 Web UI instance to free up VRAM before training,
10:03 How to start Kohya GUI after installation
10:42 How to save and load Kohya training configuration on RunPod
10:54 How to upload and set your training images
12:01 How to install runpodctl
13:15 Why runpodctl is useful
13:51 How to configure Kohya LoRA training on RunPod for Stable Diffusion XL
15:58 What is the importance and effect of Network Rank (Dimension)
19:41 How to update Automatic1111 Web UI on RunPod
20:04 How to understand your Kohya training completed or not
21:57 How to start using your trained or downloaded SDXL LoRA models
22:13 Where the training checkpoint files are saved
22:46 How you should connect to Automatic1111 Web UI interface on RunPod for image generation
23:15 How to set best Stable Diffusion VAE file for best image quality
23:33 How to set full precision VAE on RunPod –no-half-vae
24:18 Where to find good Stable Diffusion prompts for SDXL and SD 1.5 models
25:05 How to activate your trained LoRA via appending to the prompt
25:47 How to improve faces / fix them via using Adetailer automatic inpainting extension
26:44 How to reload last used prompt and all settings with 1 click
26:52 How to enable and use adetailer extension
27:06 In which folder generated images saved and how to download them very fast on RunPod
29:24 How to test face quality and verify your trained LoRA or DreamBooth models / checkpoints
30:10 How to do prompt engineering to improve and fix faces
32:06 How to join our community helping Discord and where to contact to me