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Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 2 - Chords, Scales, & Keys

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  1. Introduction
    Welcome & Overview
  2. Tools we will use in this course
  3. Update! MuseScore 3.0
  4. DOWNLOAD: Staff Paper
  5. Chromatic & Diatonic Scales
    What are scales, and why do we care?
  6. Definitions: Chromatic and Diatonic
  7. Ordered Pitch Class Collections
  8. Chromatic Scales
  9. The Major Scale
    The Whole-Half Pattern
  10. Scale degrees and Tonic
  11. Scale Degrees and Solfege
  12. How to Practice
  13. DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 1
  14. Scales and Keys
    Using major scales (writing a melody)
  15. Melody Analysis
  16. What does it mean to be "in key"?
  17. DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 2
  18. Major Keys
    Major Key overview
  19. What is a key signatures?
  20. Identifying key signatures
  21. DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 3
  22. Chords!
    What are chords?
  23. Song analysis
  24. Triads
  25. Building Triads
  26. The Diatonic Chord Progression
  27. Inversions
  28. Roman Numerals
  29. Song analysis, version 2
  30. DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 4
  31. Dissecting Triads
    The inside of a triad
  32. The third holds the power
  33. Finding chords by half-step
  34. Finding fifths by thirds
  35. DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 5
  36. More with Triads
    Diminished Triads
  37. Augmented Triads
  38. Adding more octaves to triads
  39. Chords on the Guitar
  40. DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 6
  41. Pieces for Analysis
    Analysis Overview
  42. Analysis: Canon in D (Pachabel)
  43. Non-Chord Tones
  44. Minuet in G File
  45. Analysis: Minuet in G (Bach) - Part 1
  46. Analysis: Minuet in G (Bach) - Part 2
  47. Analysis: Minuet in G (Bach) - Part 3
  48. DOWNLOAD: PDF of full Analysis
  49. DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 7
  50. 7th Chords
    What are 7th Chords?
  51. The 4 Types of 7th Chords
  52. Major 7th Chords
  53. Minor 7th Chords
  54. Dominant 7th Chords
  55. DOWNLOAD: PDF of Minuet in G including 7th Chords
  56. Blues and the Dominant 7th Chord
  57. 7th Chord reference sheet
  58. DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 8
  59. Wrap Up
    What comes next?
  60. Thanks & Bye!
  61. Bonus Lecture


Hi Everyone –

MuseScore recently release version 3.0. In this class you will see me using Version 2.

You are welcome to use Version 3 – there is no significant changes to the look and feel of it, so you should be able to follow along just fine.

But there is a change to the price:

MuseScore, as a desktop application, is still free – so please use that. But if you search for MuseScore as a tablet application, you will find a rather expensive program. This is not the version I am using in this class. I am using the desktop application (for Mac, but the PC version is fine, too). You are welcome to use the tablet version, but please note it is not a free program.

That’s it! On to the class!