Alberto Böckh
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Alberto's BIO

With a formal background in Oil & Gas and Business Administration, I had the opportunity to lead several teams and projects, where the human resource had to be developed and trained. Sometimes from zero expertise to a high qualified professional. This covered several areas of knowledge, like business management, strategic planning, operations management, team building, and several others.


I had the mandatory directions to create and execute training programs, the organization had the resources, and with teamwork we achieved a 100% fulfillment of the program. This led to the implementation of a quality management system.


I also had the opportunity to create, train and lead a multidisciplinary team that recovered and increased oil production in an oil joint venture at Petróleos de Venezuela. I’ve worked with multicultural and multilingual teams, and I had the opportunity to translate constantly and fluently between English and Spanish.


I’m willing to help others achieve their goals and pursue their dreams. Either those dreams are being the most recognized CEO in the industrysegment or being the best MVP in home, work, and society.


As my student you will be my greatest collaborator, because you can bet that I will learn a lot from you, and we together will grow and become a pillar in a society where we all share knowledge, experience, and skills. Pursuing the construction of a better place to live.