Athena Ivanoff
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Athena's BIO
Athena Ivanoff has been a Doctoral Researcher at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) since May 2021. Her primary objective is to initiate and pursue a career as a distinguished scientist and professor furthering her and Dr. George P. Einstein’s independent, global research incorporating the knowledge, heuristic and algorithmic methodology, and patented technology, she has acquired in the fields of medicine, (bio)-physics, quantum physics, and dynamics, (theoretical and experimental). She is a specialist in biostatistics, calculus (differential and partial), chemistry, (molecular) biology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, immunology, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering to provide healthcare to individuals with a specific concentration on pulmonary carcinomas using sigma quantum energy integration therapy to decrease the size of lung tumors, restoring the integrity of the immune system, and successfully introducing a new dimensional reversal process. She has also conducted further research in related fields involving the enhancement of systemic drug delivery and administration via dielectrophoresis; increasing early recognition of specific genetic disorders (Ring-14); and, educating fellow physicians and health care providers on the importance of detection of child abuse in pediatric patients.