Bill Skrzypczak
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Bill's BIO
William (Bill) Skrzypczak is an instructor of Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Data Science, and Data Analytics. Bill holds a B.A.Sc. in Electronics Technology from Western Illinois University and an MBA in Business from Northern Illinois University. Currently, Bill serves as the President of Waverider Trading Technologies which provides Currency Futures and Forex Trading Signals and Training Services. He was also the Co-Department Chair of the Computers and Digital Media department and Chair of Education Technology at McHenry County College (Illinois, USA). Previous positions include President of Nextuse Technology Services Inc., VP of Open Systems at Comdisco, Director of Marketing at Sun Microsystems, Manager of Engineering Products at Apple, and Marketing Manager at Prime Computer. He holds several certifications in the fields of Ddta Science, Aalytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and various software programs. He is also a consultant, and subject matter expert at Certiport. He partners with Workforce Development companies like One Summer Chicago, and Genesys Works to help their clients learn how to code.