Burnetta Thomas
ICARIANS our AI P2P teachers are from around the world & all walks of life they walk the walk and talk the talk they want you to know what they know they believe that education can change our lives
Burnetta's BIO
Dr. Burnetta (Bee) Thomas is a phenomenally successful African American Woman Business Owner. She is a professional educator specializing in teaching adult learners, an Air Force veteran, a former federal police officer, and a former college professor. Dr. Thomas started her first company in 2007 and has been instrumental in consulting NFT artists, speaking on several stages about Web3, and launching several businesses, cannabis dispensaries, and CBD brands. She helped launch the highest-rated dispensary in San Diego, taking it from $0-$2.5 million in under six months and $6 Million in sales in one year. In addition to supporting, consulting, and mentoring entrepreneurs at every chance she gets, she has also created numerous charities, helping women, children, and at-risk youth.