Susanne Manheimer
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Susanne's BIO
  Susanne graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA in design. Susanne a native New Yorker worked in  “The City” as a Creative Director for Tiffany and Co. where she was awarded a Certificate of Distinction for Typography,  Creative Director for Blooomingdales by Mail, Revlon, and also The Museum of Modern Art, to name a few. Disney called,  and she moved to California to work for Disney + Co. as Creative Director for the Disney catalogue. Susanne has a history of success mentoring young designers, both in academic roles and as an industry leader (at well-respected institutions  including USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, USC Roski School of Art and Design, Art Center,  Otis College of Design, CalArts, FIDM (Fahsion Institute of Design and Merchandising), Intermark International Design  College: Shanghai Jianqiao University, Florida Atlantic University, Summer Institute for Gifted Students, Citizens of the  World Charter School, & Corinne A. Seeds University Elementary School @UCLA She has been described as a “needle in  a haystack,” a conceptual designer who is creative yet has strong business acumen.