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Customer Journey Mapping

Map the User Journey
Your product should be conveniently designed for users, also known as the User Experience (UX). Develop your prototype/MVP from the perspective of your users.

Start from the first customer touch point and work through to the final action or process. Generally, it’s a good idea to work through these five phases, which are the 5 channel phases from your BMC:

Delivery/Onboarding (depending on your startup)
After Sales/Advocacy
When mapping the user journey, define the overall process stages that are needed for a user to reach their main objective. Focus your attention on users’ pain points, not features.

A basic outline may look like ‘Website Visit’ → ‘Locate Product’ → ‘Buy Product’ → ‘Tracking Order’, ‘Receiving Order’.

Every startup’s process will be unique. Align the process stages with the goals your users have while using your product. With these stages clearly outlined, you can begin to list and prioritize features within each one.

Customer journey map example:

Once you create your customer journey map, you should invite your target user in on the process and get their feedback on your map. What have you missed? What is something important to your customer, but that you downplayed?