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Value Proposition Canvas Discussion & Feedback

In this week’s live session, we’re going to share parts of our Value Proposition Canvases (VPC) and give/receive feedback.

Our product/service achieves product-market fit when the two sides of VPC are aligned — Customer Profile and Value Map.

Achieving product-market fit is one of the MAIN goals of this course, so we will spend significant time discussing VPC and giving each other feedback.

Trigger questions
The following trigger questions can help you with your VPC.

Customer jobs – click here
Customer pains – click here
Customer gains – click here
Gain creators – click here
Pain relievers – click here

(1) Come to our live session with a Value Proposition Canvas for your startup. Remember, this is a list of assumptions, so don’t worry about getting it perfect! Each person will have about 15 minutes total, which includes sharing a portion of their VPC and receiving feedback. My suggestion is to share the parts of your VPC that you’d like to hear the group’s thoughts on. For example, specific Customer Pains and/or Customer Gains, and how you intend on solving those pains and/or creating those gains.